Electoral Assistance in the Arab Region - Community of Practice

on Tue, April 19, 2011 at 03.19 pm
Arab States Governance Group

Arab States Community of Practice Meeting on Electoral Assistance

2-4 May 2011, Cairo Egypt

The Arab States Community of Practice Meeting on Electoral Assistance was designed to provide UNDP and national partners the opportunity to share experiences and develop networks. The meeting aimed to allow for practitioners in the region to share lessons learned, identify challenges and chart a strategic course of action for UNDP in the area of electoral assistance in the Arab States Region.

In view of the transitional processes already underway in Tunisia and Egypt and the transformational trend throughout the region, it was an opportune moment for UNDP to reassess how electoral assistance is delivered in the region, identify what are the needs in this area and consider options for upcoming electoral assistance programming.

The meeting brought together around 85 participants in the first day including colleagues from 13 UNDP country offices;  national partners from Tunisia, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt;  international partners from UN EAD, IFES, IDEA; and a number of representatives of embassies in Cairo (such as the embassies of Spain, Sweden, etc). Also attending were local and regional think tanks such as Al-Kawakibi Centre and Cairo University. Attendees from different government units in Egypt included former Deputy Ministers.

This meeting was organized by the Regional Center in Cairo (RCC) in partnership with the Electoral team in BDP/DGG.

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