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Silke Von Brockhausen
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Welcome to the UNDP Social Media Wiki!

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This social media wiki  is meant to be a collaborative platform where everyone who uses social media professionally as well as those of you interested in social media can find useful information. Therefore, we welcome any contribution to these pages. Please share internet links, articles, thoughts, best practices and advice you believe might be helpful or interesting for social media practicioners. You can download a (draft) summary of the Wiki here: Social Media Toolkit.

If you are thinking about launching a social media initiative (or have already launched one) please tell us about it so we can better share best practices and provide support.

Due to the fast evolving nature of social media itself we hope that this platform will be a living source of information and will profit from your continuing input.

Credits: Some of the original content of this wiki was taken from UNDP's Social Media Strategy developed for us by the digital agency HUGE.

Table of Contents

Highly recommended: Intro Trainings: Social Media for External Relations/Advocacy - RR/RC RBLAC PresentationSocial media @UNDP for Communications Focal Points | Twitter 101 | 10 Twitter Tips | How to Measure your social media impact | Twitter Basics | Quick Start Guide for Hootsuite


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