Civil Society and Civic Engagement

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The "Civil Society and Civic Engagement" space has moved to Yammer. Please join us for more peer learning and information sharing by clicking here.

All 8,500+ files, publications, events in this space will remain available until December 2016. Thank you very much for your collegiality and expertise since 2010! This space was facilitated by Nadine Ravaud in the Inclusive Political Processes Team.

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UNDP Fast Facts: Civil Society and Civic Engagement


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International #DemocracyDay on "Space for Civil Society"


'Space for Civil Society' was this years' theme for International #DemocracyDay

Civic Engagement Dialogues Series (New York)

UNDP regularly invites civil society representatives to engage on current development issues. The last discussion was held on 28 April 2015 on the topic of Accountability through Civic Participation in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Read more.

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Civil Society Videos

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Film based on the project 'Deepening Local Democratic Governance through Social Accountability in Asia' The project addressed the deficits of democratic practices in urban municipalities in Bangladesh and Cambodia, particularly issues on participation, transparency and accountability mechanisms, due to the lack of which these institutions often fail to deliver services effectively and equitably and lack responsiveness towards the most marginalised. (July 2015)

Making All Voices Count's Community of Practice in South Africa gather on September 26 to share ideas, experience and ask critical questions about their projects aimed at enhancing citizen engagement and securing more accountable governance. (July 2015)

Helen Clark on World NGO Day: since 2010, the World NGO Day Initiative has been working towards the creation by the UN General Assembly of one designated international day for NGOs globally to collaborate, commemorate and celebrate the work of NGOs worldwide (24 February 2014).

The World Bank's Open Learning Campus has a series on "Engaging Citizens: A Game Changer for Development?" In this short welcome talk, Hassane Cisse outlines how citizen engagement is central in creating a more citizen-centric model of governance by highlighting five areas of governance in need of rethinking. (July 2015)